Why We Use Teams


The following text is from a NCMM email sent in September, 2013:

The Bible tells us we are to minister to people with long term needs, such as the widowed, single parents and fatherless children. But the Bible has nothing to say about using teams to do this, especially using teams of four men. So why do we use them? Here are a few reasons:New Commandment Men's Ministries
  • Teams help us compensate for our transient and impersonal culture. In biblical times, people saw each other spontaneously on a day to day basis, not just in church. Our culture tends to isolate people. Using teams helps us overcome that isolation.
  • Teams provide accountability. While both men and women can have long term needs, in practice, most care receivers are female. Men in teams serving women keeps everything above board.
  • Teams build relationships. Not only do team members build relationships with their care receiver, but they also build relationships with each other. They become a “bond of brothers.”
  • Teams make consistent ministry over years possible. There is always going to be attrition in any men’s ministry to the widowed and single parents. Using teams acknowledges this reality and provides a buffer so there is time to recruit new team members.
  • Teams lighten the load. No one team member is completely responsible for the care of their care receiver, making the individual tasks reasonable and even relatively easy.
  • Teams provide flexibility and continuity. If one team member has something come up on a service day, such as a family commitment or sickness, he can miss and the other team members can fill in. This means that the ministry to the care receiver is consistent and effective even though some team members cannot always be present.
  • Teams send a message. Having four men show up once a month for two hours at their home tells care receivers “You’re extremely valuable to us and to our church.”
“Many hands make light work,” as the saying goes. We’ve found that to be definitely true when it comes to serving those in need.
Keep Praying,
Herb and Patti Reese