Men’s Ministry to Widows, Widowers, and Single Parents

This ministry is based on a wonderful program developed by Herb Reese of New Commandment Men’s Ministries out of Colorado Springs, CO.NewCommandmentLogo

To date, there are 12,0000 men donating 240,000 hours of service annual to over 4,200 care receivers in 47 states, 826 churches and dozens of denominations.  One new church every two days begin a men’s team ministry.

Cooper Mountain Presbyterian Fellowship started this program in the spring of 2013.  To learn more about this, join an existing team or form a new one, contact the church office.

Nuts and Bolts

To understand how this works, see Team Model.  Below is an outline of the details and commitment necessary to be involved with a men’s Ministry Team to widows, widowers, single parents and the disabled.

Configuration of a team

A ministry team will be made up of 4 to 6 men. While there are exceptions, for the most part this team will remain a unit and dedicated to the same service recipient(s). Examples of exceptions might be when a team member’s expertise is needed on another team, or when a life circumstance prevents a team member from participating in any given month’s service.

Forming a team

Ministry teams will be formed by the Cornerstone ministry team, and evaluated for fit on a regular basis.  A background check will be required of all team members, and the $13 cost of background checks, performed by our Elder of Personnel, will be the responsibility of each member.

The work of the team

The work of the team is to show the love of Christ by ministering to people who have significant needs that last for years; the widow, the widower, the single parent, and the disabled. Your primary purpose as a team is building relationships while meeting needs, not completing a project.   Meeting the needs of your team’s care recipient will involve performing various tasks around their home.  These tasks are frequently simple, but sometimes can require a certain level of skill.   You may or may not be handy in household repair and maintenance, but your team will be functioning as a team, and even has the ability to borrow skilled members from other teams if necessary.   Want to know more?  See Why We Use Teams.

The Schedule

On the third Saturday each month at 7 AM, Ministry teams will meet together for devotions. Then from 8 AM to 10 AM, Ministry teams will be going out to their care recipient’s home for service. Visits should finish up by 10 AM, with time for prayer and Scripture reading with the care recipient. This is a time to pray for the care recipient’s needs, as well as for her neighbors.

The Cost

You will be expected to pay for the one time cost of the background check on yourself.   If one is already on file with the church, it will not need to be duplicated.   The bulk of projects done for the care recipients, it will be expected that the care recipients will pay for materials involved in any given project.   However, there may be times when a care recipient is unable to afford a project, and it is expected that team members will be able to donate $5 or $10 a month towards projects.

The Rules

There are of course some rules and policies associated with the safety of both team members and care recipients. We have some separate handouts to cover these in detail.